Paul Carper

Dallas Golf 12 month performance

Total Properties 1
1 Average
Total Active 0
0 Average
Total Sold 1
1 Average
Avg Sold Value $560,000
$496,538 Average
Avg Days on Market 3
lower is better 43 Average
Ask vs Sell 97%
95% Average


Paul Carper with Dallas City Center Realtors is a licensed real estate agent with 18 years of real estate experience representing over 45 sellers. In the last year, Paul has sold 38 Dallas houses and currently has 5 active Dallas listings for sale. Paul Carper is a fast seller who typically sells 40 days faster than the Dallas average of 43 days on market. Paul sells for top dollar at an average of 97% of listing price, earning clients an average of $15,000 more per sale.

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